Located on the northern side of tehran, near the domains of the alborz mountains, the program aimed to create a place where sightseeing, both to the peaks and the flat plains, was one of the principal elements. their goal was to merge nature with human life, leading them to have a vertical distribution of functions, with less land occupation for building and hence, to allocate more land to design the views to the landscape.



The adopted shape for this project is a transverse volume with three rotated cantilevered boxes. Consequently, additional spaces are generated, whereas the ceiling of every story is the terrace of the other. the high slope of the site provides a sense of suspension for each box and the functions are distributed from upper to lower level respectively. in order to have endless views, the sides of the boxes facing the plain have floor-to-ceiling windows with numerous panoramas. here, windows act as a transparent curtain between inside and outside, overflowing the interiors with natural light.